Will you be our Valentine?

As 2020 quickly approaches, so does Valentine’s Day! So, we have been thinking, what better time to focus on heart health than Valentines Day itself. 

Throughout February 2020, our vets will be offering free heart assessments available for all our beloved patients!

We’re all aware that heart disease is prevalent in people but did you know our pets can suffer with their heart health too?  At the clinic we see many heart disease cases and sadly some are diagnosed quite late, meaning there is less we can do to help them.

Unlike humans, our pets rarely develop coronary heart disease but they can develop other problems such as:

  • Leaky heart valves 
  • Thickening of the heart muscle 
  • Dilation/enlargement of the heart chambers
  • Irregular heart beat 

Any animal can potentially develop problems with their heart but certain breeds can be predisposed. These include; Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Boxer, Doberman, Springer Spaniel, Maine Coon, Persian, British Shorthair or Ragdolls

Have we ever mentioned a heart murmur to you when visiting the clinic?  Perhaps you’ve noticed some of the clinical signs associated with heart disease such as breathlessness or a decrease in exercise tolerance? Has your pet developed a cough? Maybe even collapsing episodes?

We’d love to see any of our patients during February for a free heart consultation, especially if any of the above symptoms sound familiar. During the consult your vet will have a good listen to your pet’s heart and lungs as well as carefully assessing their pulses and gum colour. If we feel any of our patient’s need further investigations, we’ll be offering reduced price heart ultrasounds (also known as an echocardiogram) with ECG assessment for only £125, normally priced at £155. So bring your pet down for a heart health MOT and hopefully if there is anything unusual, we can give your pet the best choice of treatment options. 

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