Nurse consultations

Nurse consultations

Our friendly nursing team also provide consultations. Services include weight clinics, mobility clinics, nail trimming, anal gland emptying and confidence clinics. Our nurses also care for animals post-operation, changing dressings and removing stitches, giving advice and helping people give medicines to their pets.

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Mayne Vets are proud to offer confidence clinics to our clients and their pets. Visiting the vets can be a stressful time for both you and your pet, making them and yourself reluctant to visit, whether due to fearfulness or a previous bad experience. We try to build up your pets confidence by providing your pet with positive visits, whether playing with toys and working for treats, or just encouragement and reassurance to begin with entering the clinic or visiting a consultation room.

We cannot avoid the negative visits completely, as their yearly vaccinations will come round, but we aim to balance that out with some fun and games, so when that visit does come round your pet is more willing to come back and visit us!

Another way of encouraging confidence is by creating a bond with a particular staff member, so we make sure your pet has a dedicated clinic nurse.