Dogs Trust Behavioral Support Line 

Mon-Sat 9.30am-5pm
03030 036 666

Lauren Hewitt-Watts

Online based behaviourist specialising in puppy behaviour and separation anxiety


BSC (Hons) in Animal Behaviour

Credentials: ABTC/APBC Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist

Julie Ashton

Cats and Dogs


Credentials: Veterinary Behaviourist, Clinical Animal Behaviourist

ABTC/APBC/FABC registered

Lucy Bingley

Cats and Dogs


Credentials: Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist

ABTC Registered

Jane Williams

Cats, Dogs and Reptiles


Credentials: Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist and training instructor

APBC/APDT/ABTC registered

Dawn Turner

Cats and Dogs


Credentials: Clinical Animal Behaviourist

ABTC/APBC/BVBA regsitered

Debbie Emmerson

Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and Small Mammals

Dr Natasha Cocker

Based overseas in Australia, offers zoom for overseas client

Credentials: Veterinary Clinical Animal Behaviourist

Dr Tom Mitchell

Offers worldwide support for dogs and cats

Credentials: A team of Veterinary Surgeons and Clinical Animal Behaviourists


Zoe Willingham

Specialises in canine separation anxiety and aggression


Useful Abbreviations

ABTC Animal Behaviour and training counsel
APBC Association of pet behaviour counsellors
FABC Fellowship of animal behavioural technicians
BVBA British veterinary behaviour association
APDT Association of pet dog trainers