Veterinary Services In Colchester

Veterinary Services in Colchester and the Suffolk Borders

We provide a wide range of services to help make sure your pet stays healthy, well and happy, including cat neutering and spaying, dog neutering and spaying, vaccinations and much more from our clinic in Colchester.

Any questions?

We’re always happy to answer questions. If that’s what you want, or you need to register with us or book your pet in for a consultation, give us a call. You’ll find us welcoming and warm.


Chemotherapy Chemotherapy – Treating pets with cancer Unfortunately cancer is common in pets. Sometimes we can use chemotherapy to keep your pet as comfortable as possible, for as long as possible. People often worry about chemotherapy, but it's different from the chemo used to treat human cancers, and we always put your pet's quality of... Read more »


Pet Pharmacy In Colchester Pharmacy services – Providing the medicines your pet needs When pets are sick they often need urgent medication. Thankfully we have a well-stocked on-site pharmacy, where medicines are carefully stored at the right temperature. We also get daily deliveries of special medication and foods. If you need medication for your pet,... Read more »


Laboratory Laboratory tests – Supporting fast, accurate diagnosis We use a collection of laboratory techniques including biopsy, blood, and urine tests, all designed to help us make the right diagnosis quickly. We run a lot of these important tests here at the clinic, in our dedicated laboratory. For complex tests we use an external specialist... Read more »


Diagnostics Diagnostics – Pinning down exactly what's wrong You can ask humans what's wrong and they'll tell you. Pets are different, which is why we constantly invest money in our clinic to make sure we have all the equipment needed for investigations and diagnosis. Our diagnostic equipment includes X-ray, ultrasound, ECG machine, blood pressure, tonometry... Read more »

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging Radiography: X-rays reveal the true picture X-rays, also called radiographs, provide some of the most useful and frequently-used diagnostic imaging. X-rays let us see into the bony, gas filled structures within the body, things like the limbs and lungs, and we often use them to take a look at lameness and breathing abnormalities.... Read more »


Veterinary Surgery In Colchester Surgery for pets – Kind, compassionate veterinary surgeons Our dedicated modern theatre suite lets us perform a vast array of surgical procedures, everything from routine neutering to complex soft tissue, orthopaedic and oncological procedures. We understand that it's a worrying time. But you can rest assured that your pet’s safety and... Read more »

Puppy Buddies

Puppy Buddies - Puppy Socialisation Classes Early socialisation for young dogs The earlier you socialise your puppy through things like puppy parties, the better they'll get on with other people, dogs and new experiences. In our experience adult dogs also tend to be much happier coming into the clinic if they’ve attended our puppy socialisation... Read more »

Nurse Consultations

Nurse consultations Nurse consultations Our friendly nursing team also provide consultations. Services include weight clinics, mobility clinics, nail trimming, anal gland emptying and confidence clinics. Our nurses also care for animals post-operation, changing dressings and removing stitches, giving advice and helping people give medicines to their pets. Please click here to book an appointment Mayne... Read more »

Veterinary Consultations

Veterinary Consultations Veterinary consultations – Discussing your concerns, identifying the problem A consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss your concerns. We'll observe your pet and perform a gentle clinical examination, making sure you both feel safe and relaxed. Our consultation rooms are light, bright and spacious, providing a peaceful and private environment. There's plenty... Read more »

Team Outings

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