Pet insurance

About Pet Insurance – Valuable financial support

Did you know you can insure your pet against the cost of a variety of veterinary treatments?

Pet insurance is a popular way to handle the cost of emergency care and other essential treatment. You pay a monthly premium in exactly the same way as you’d pay for any other kind of insurance, and the policy pays out if you claim, covering the cost of treating various illnesses and injuries.

Pet insurance isn’t restricted to cats and dogs. Many companies also cover horses and a wide variety of other animals like rabbits, ferrets and chinchillas. Some also cover reptiles and birds. Most pet insurance companies exclude pre-existing medical conditions, illnesses and injuries that your pet already has when you buy a policy.

Choosing the best pet insurance

Plenty of insurance companies sell pet insurance, as do some supermarkets and department stores. you need to look very carefully at what’s covered and what is excluded under a policy. The best and most expensive policies cover your pet for a wider range of illnesses and injuries. And they often cover you for longer.

A cheaper pet insurance policy might only pay for treatment for a lifelong illness for the first few months or the first year, after which you’ll have to pay for it yourself. If your dog or cat becomes diabetic, for example, and needs life-long medication, a good quality policy can protect your finances in the long term.

Many policies let you choose an ‘excess’, where you pay the first £100, £500 or whatever of any claim in return for reduced premiums.

Types of pet cover

  • Accident only pet insurance is usually the cheapest of all, covering the cost if your pet is involved in an accident. Some policies also cover emergency illnesses and illnesses that result from an accident
  • Time-limited policies cover you for a limited amount of time, after which they won’t pay out any more money
  • Maximum benefit pet insurance covers medical conditions up to a maximum amount, for example £1500
  • Lifetime pet insurance gives you a set amount every year to pay vet fees, usually the most expensive type of cover but also the one that gives you the most peace of mind

Things to check for

Check whether the policy you’re thinking about buying includes all the cover you need. That might include consultations and examinations, tests, x-rays and MRI scans, medicines and bandages, surgery and hospitalisation, physiotherapy, acupuncture and hydrotherapy. Some policies provide cover for behavioural problems, special diets and the cost of cremation. And if your pet falls ill, has an accident or goes missing just before you go on holiday, a few policies protect your finances against the extra cost involved in cancelling your trip altogether, or cutting it short. Dental insurance for pets can help to meet the cost of taking care of their teeth and gums, and alternative therapies like massage and acupuncture are sometimes included. Last but not least, some pet policies cover the cost of advertising a missing pet, and provide a reward for their safe return.

Can we help?

While we’re not qualified to recommend a particular pet insurance policy to you, we’re always here to talk.

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