Vidivet 24/7 Veterinary advice and support

You may have seen posts on the Mayne Veterinary Clinic Facebook page, or you may have received a WhatsApp message from our number advising we are now offering a free veterinary advice service that is available any time of the day or night, but you must be wondering more!  So please let us explain what it is and how it works.

The Mayne Veterinary Clinic has partnered with Vidivet, an external, independent veterinary advice service that you can now contact any time of the day or night for veterinary advice.  Simply follow the link at the bottom of this article or go to our website and find it on the “24/7 Advice” page or the “Contact us” page.  The link will take you to webpage that will allow you to register an email and a password.  From there you can download the Vidivet App on to a smart device and finish the set up process on the App.

Once you’re all set up you can record a video message or send a text question which will go straight through to a qualified veterinary surgeon.  The vet will then send you a personalised video message back, either asking for more information or giving you some advice as to what the next steps might be.  Finally, you will then be able to ask further questions if needed to ensure you have completely understood the advice and are happy with what the next steps will be.

We have been so impressed with the work that Vidivet does that we are happy to cover the costs of the service so that all the clients of the Mayne Veterinary Clinic can use the system free of charge.  We feel it will be a fantastic tool for our clients to help to work out if or when they may need to bring their pets in for a vet consult, especially for those times we are closed and you need to decide whether you need to go to Vets Now.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at the clinic and we can discuss it with you further otherwise follow the link below to register and download the app now.

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