Pet Health Club, What’s New for 2022

So, way back in 2020 we had “Review Pet Health Club” on our to-do list, and then Covid happened, and life got a little more complicated for us all for a while! But as we begin to (hopefully…. new variants aside) return to normality, we have been looking to see how we can improve our Pet Health Club in the New Year

There are some differences that might be coming sooner rather than later, such as introducing Nexgard Combo spot on to all our feline members. Finally, we finally have a “does everything” spot-on for cats that covers fleas, ticks, roundworm and tapeworm, all in one quick and easy treatment. Many of you will already have been transitioned to this product and are hopefully enjoying the convenience of a single treatment already. If you have any questions about it, please contact the team and we will be happy to discuss these with you.

Our other two new introductions are both associated with a move towards becoming a more environmentally friendly clinic. We are hoping to introduce a delivery service for your worming and flea products direct to your post box. Not only will this be more convenient for you, it will also reduce the “travel time” of the products from production to use reducing the environmental impact. We are also adding a further free of charge bonus.  Via our work with and Investors in the Environment, we are working at reducing the carbon footprint of the clinic. While in the process of reducing our carbon footprint, we are also looking at offsetting the carbon footprint of the clinic.  While doing so we will also offset the carbon “paw” print of our Pet Health Club patients! The team at eco offset have worked out the average carbon footprint of dogs and cats, enabling us to channel money towards environmentally sustainable projects that we will share with you, our Pet Health Club members, when the new scheme is launched.

So, please keep an eye out for any emails coming your way in the New Year. At this stage, we are planning the relaunch for March/April depending on what chaos 2022 brings, but we will keep you updated as plans develop.