Coronavirus: An important message from Charlotte and Keith

The thing we love most about our clinic is that we are a small, independent team that our clients know and trust.  With regards to Coronavirus, our biggest concern is that, if one of our team members becomes infected, the rest of the team may need to self-isolate and this could essentially shut our clinic.  To avoid this, we have decided that from this week, we will be splitting our staff into two separate clinical teams which will consult on different days.  The benefit is that we will have extra protection with regards to running the clinic should one team end up with an infected team member. The downside is that there is a limit to how much a reduced team can do on their own so as a result we are reducing the number of daily consults and surgeries.  Please bear with us whilst we adjust to this new phase. 

Other things we are doing to help protect our clients and staff: 

  • Appointments will now be staggered to reduce overlap of clients in the waiting room.  Plus, as of Friday, we will be operating a one in: one out policy in the waiting room to reduce potential contact areas. 
  • If you are particularly vulnerable and would feel more comfortable waiting in your car, we can come out to collect your pet and assess it in the clinic without you needing to leave your vehicle 
  • We will continue to regularly disinfect client contact areas to reduce potential spread of virus 
  • We are very happy to post out repeat medications if needed to reduce the need to visit the clinic 
  • The RCVS has temporarily softened their approach to the rules governing dispensing some medications, as such: 
  1. Phone consults and video consults are a more viable option, we will be looking to launch these in the next 7-10 days 
  2. We may be able to extend repeat medication visits till later in the year if a patient on long term medication is stable and well controlled.  This will be assessed on a case by case basis 

What to do if your pet’s vaccination is due over the next couple of months 

  • There has been a large increase in requests for vaccination appointments over the last 48 hours.  We are hoping to be able to continue to provide routine vaccine appointments moving forward however, during this transition phase, we obviously need to prioritise the sick and emergency cases.  Please bear with us during this period 
  • If your pet is due for a vaccination and you are self-isolating or vulnerable please remember: 
  1. There is a degree of overlap with regards to vaccination dates, we have always said that, if the revaccination date is a couple of weeks late, the protection should be acceptable.  Please don’t put yourself or others at risk by rushing down to the clinic for a vaccine if there is time and space to have it done later 
  2. Also remember if you are self-isolating, technically your pet should be too!  As discussed in our last update, although pets cannot contract coronavirus, they may carry the infection on their coats, collar and leads.  If your pet is not mixing with other pets or people then there is a reduced chance of infection 
  3. This is also where herd immunity is always important within a community.  If your pet’s vaccination has lapsed and they are mixing with other pets, ensure that the other pets are fully up to date with their vaccinations 
  4. During this period priority will need to be given to those pets most at risk of vaccine lapse issues such as puppies and kittens 
  5. Finally, if your pet’s vaccination lapses during your isolation period, we will restart their vaccinations at the same cost as a booster, so there will be no additional expense. 

What you can do to help us? 

There are some simple steps you can take that can help us continue to provide essential healthcare to our patients. 

Please do not panic, we will support all those in need as best as we possibly can. 

  • Please do not come to the clinic if you are unwell or have potentially been in contact with an individual that has tested positive to COVID-19 
  • If you are unwell or under self-quarantine and have concerns over your pet’s health, please phone the clinic for advice on what we can do to help 
  • Please wash your hands before coming into the clinic 
  • Please plan ahead.  If you have a pet on long term medication, it would be a good idea to order your next set of medications sooner rather than later.  We are not anticipating supply issues at this stage but please try not to leave orders to less than a week before medications run out in case there are any delays. 
  • Remember we can post some repeat medications if required, simply let us know when ordering and remember to order early enough to allow for the post to be delivered 

And remember:   

Wash your hands regularly with hot water and soap for at least 20 seconds.   

Try to limit physical contact with others and try to avoid touching your face. 

We hope this has helped to clarify any concerns, but if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at the clinic. 

2 comments on “Coronavirus: An important message from Charlotte and Keith

  1. Michelle Gallifent on

    Thank you for this very informative post. It is wonderful to know that you have considered all the issues and we find this very reassuring. We wish you all good health during this difficult time and sincerely thank you for all you do.

  2. Stephen Stiff on

    Cassie,s boosters are due about now .What is the procedure in place to carry out these.I have emailed rather than phone as you must be busy with sick patients. Your reply is awaited with interest Thank you


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