Becky, our lovely student Veterinary Nurse!

Some of you might have seen Becky already, during some of our nurse appointments. Becky is part of our nursing team, as a student Veterinary Nurse, who in the very near future is soon to qualify!

Back in 2014, Becky came to us to interview for a position as an Animal Care Assistant, in order to finish her diploma in Animal Management. She was attending at Great Otley College. After completing her 2 year diploma, Becky decided she would like to study further and qualify as a Veterinary Nurse. For that she had to enrol with the Central College of Animal Studies in Bury St. Edmunds. The Veterinary Nurse qualification is a long and intensive diploma or degree, that usually takes 3 years to complete. Becky is now in her final year and soon, will be sitting the national practical exam to hopefully become a fully qualified and registered Veterinary Nurse. 

Becky always loved animals! When she was born, her mom and dad already had pets including a little Yorkshire terrier called Jojo that passed away at 18 years old! If you know Becky you know that she loves a small fluffy dog; she owns two beautiful toy poodles, Flash and Poppy, two budgies Dougie and Sammy and finally, a little black and white kitten called Theo!  Flash and Poppy have been in the family for a long time and they make sure to keep Becky busy at times; either by constantly wanting to play or by trying to grab something from the bin that they shouldn’t be!

Sammy and Dougie are two young male budgies that joined the family last year. They love singing and listening to music, as well as eating all day long! Becky has been working really hard on getting them used to being handled; she did an amazing job with positive reinforcement training and they now come to her hand without fear! 

Last but not least is Theo, a hand reared kitten brought in by the police after being found with his brothers and sisters in a horse trailer box. Luckily all kittens made it through and Becky fell in love with Theo. He is now 20 weeks old and has become the mischievous and very spoiled member of the family! Theo loves to play and run around the house, but he is also super affectionate and loves a cuddle.Mayne Veterinary Clinic is a training practice which means that we usually have students, either from Veterinary Nursing or Veterinary Medicine coming to us to learn and perfect their skills. We couldn’t be more proud of Becky and everything she has achieved so far, we are sure she will do fantastically well at her national exams and become an exceptional Registered Veterinary Nurse. 

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