Pet Health Club – why aren’t you a member?

Did you know we have redesigned and relaunched our Pet Health Club?  Our Club membership offers a loyalty discount and helps budget the cost of owning a pet into more manageable monthly payments.

Back in March, we carried out a survey of clients already in the Club and we have taken on board their views and needs for our relaunch.

The Plan now covers:

  • Yearly Health Check with a Vet and Vaccination
  • Full parasite cover against fleas, ticks, lungworm, roundworm and tapeworm for dogs
  • Full parasite cover against fleas, roundworm, tapeworm and now ticks for cats
  • A second vet check in the year, normally at 6 months post vaccine but can be used for any consult throughout the year.  Very helpful for those pets on long term medications that require 6 monthly check-ups
  • Unlimited nurse appointments during the year – these include weight checks, behaviour visits, arthritis clinics and many more
  • Unlimited nail clips with a nurse
  • Unlimited anal gland emptying with a nurse
  • Pet Health Club members also get exclusive discounts on Geriatric Blood Screens and other offers throughout the year

Along with these amazing changes there has been an update to the pricing structure.  These prices are per month via direct debit.

Category Weight Band Price
Small Dog Up to 7.4 kg £15.00
Medium Dog 7.5-14.9 kg £17.50
Large Dog 15-29.9 kg £19.95
Extra Large Dog 30 – 59.9 kg £25.95
Giant Dog Over 60 kg £43.00
Cat Any weight £15.00

If you would like more information or to chat though the plan then please pop in or call the clinic to chat to one of the receptionists.  Or have a look at the Pet Health Club tab on our website

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