Oscar turns ONE

Just over a year ago, a little kitten was rejected by his mother and his owner wasn’t in a position to hand rear him, so we stepped in! Our nurse Ricardo and our work experience student Rebecca, took on the job of looking after this little lad. Splitting the week between them, they shared the responsibility of getting up in the night to feed him and cared for him like he was their own baby!

The mother cat had rejected the kitten as, during his birth, his foot had become entangled in the umbilical cord. This stopped some of the blood flow to his foot causing it to die off and become rotten. We initially tried to save the foot, but it soon became clear that it would not recover, so our vet Emma amputated the leg when the kitten was only a few days old.

Since that day, Oscar has never looked back! Cats cope very well with 3 legs and he was now able to move more freely.  He gained weight very well and when he was around 6 weeks old, Rebecca decided to officially adopt him. Although she wouldn’t say Oscar is the best behaved cat, (he can be very naughty!) she can proudly say he is a very handsome one year old and he is living his best life.

What a happy story!

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