Offer: Two Vaccinations For The Price Of The Booster

For the next couple of weeks we are joining with MSD to offer you to BOOST and PROTECT your dog and cat.

Life can pass us all by and it is really easy to forget to make the appointment for your pets yearly booster.  Before you know it, its now overdue meaning your pet might not have adequate protection against some nasty diseases. When this happens your pet needs two injections to get them back up to date, unfortunately, this can be expensive.  To help cover the costs we, along with MSD, are offering you the chance to have the two vaccinations for the price of the booster, but you will have to visit us twice!!

Vaccines offer protection for a range of preventable infectious diseases including parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis and leptospirosis for dogs and cat flu, feline panleucopenia and feline leukaemia virus for cats. These are all serious diseases which can prove life threatening or result in long-term health problems. Until recently we had been doing really well nationally at eradicating these diseases, but sadly this is no longer the case.  More people are relying on the rest of the population to vaccinate, forgetting to vaccinate or choosing not to vaccinate which means the number of unvaccinated pets is increasing.  As a result the chance of these diseases becoming more prevalent is increasing and the chance of your pet contracting one is higher.  

You may remember that when your dog was a puppy or your cat a kitten it was vaccinated twice, with an interval of 2-4 weeks between injections. These two injections were required to ensure a full immune response to all parts of the vaccine. After this, a single dose given at regular recommended booster intervals is usually sufficient to keep your pet protected. However, if the interval becomes significantly overdue a second dose of the vaccine may be recommended to ensure the best chance of maintaining cover against these diseases.

At the time of vaccination we give your pet a full health assessment and ensure there are no signs of any other illness or disease risk. Remember on average our pets age faster than us humans meaning a year is a long time in an animals life.  This makes the annual health assessment so much more important to ensure that they continue to live as happy and healthy a life as we can hope for; and should we detect any problems, catching them earlier often means we can do more to prevent or slow down the progression of disease.

If you would like to see if you qualify for the Boost and Protect offer or if you are concerned that your pets vaccination cover might have lapsed then please contact reception on 01206851338 or send us an email.

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