Handling your ferret

When awake, ferrets generally exhibit constant activity. However, they can be easily picked up and gently restrained by using both hands to support their weight and provide security from falling and injury.

It is important that you pick up your ferret correctly in order to avoid frightening or injuring your ferret, which could lead to it becoming aggressive.

The best way to pick up a ferret is to grasp it around the shoulders under the front legs with your thumb under it’s jaw, and at the same time supporting it’s hindlegs with your other hand. Ferrets should be handled gently, but firmly.

If your ferret struggles while holding it, it is possible to calm them down by gently swaying them backwards and forwards, this relaxes them and they seem to enjoy it. Do this by grasping them gently, but firmly around the shoulders as described above.

It is thought that the relaxation that results from this method is similar to that exhibited by very young kits as they are carried in their mother’s mouth from place to place.

It is important to handle your ferret as often as possible, to ensure they become tame and affectionate.