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The first two weeks in my new home.......

.....have been very busy as my new mum Vicki has been socializing me with lots of family, friends and different situations.  The most important of which was my 1st Vaccinations, health check and microchip.  While my microchip and vaccination was being inserted mum fed me with treats so I was pre-occupied which seemed to work.  Also a few days before I had my appointment mum practiced standing me on a table with while she ran her hands over me, checking my ears etc then giving me treats.  When the Vet did this I just thought this was normal and took everything in my stride. From the video below you can see I thought that my flea and worming treatment was just another treat!!

Diva at the vets from Diva's Diary on Vimeo.

A friend of mums gave her a rucksack that she has started wearing back to front so that she can carry me safely on our adventures.  She has padded the bottom out with a towel so I fit in more comfy, don't I look cute??Informative image: Diva in rucksack Mayne Vets

Here are some of the adventures and new things I have seen as mum thinks this will build my confidence and make it less stressful when I can start going out on the lead...

  *   The Veterinary clinic...mum works here so I just think this is my second home now.  She does keep making me sit on the scales!!!!!  Also the nice thing is that clients are asking to see me when they are in reception so mum takes me to have a cuddle with them.......I love cuddles.  This has built my confidence with meeting all different people.

  *   Some lunchtimes we have walked (me in my rucksack) down to the train station where I've sat on mum’s lap listening and watching the buses, trains, cars and people go by.  First I was a bit scared but mum gave me lots of treats and reassurance so now a week later I feel a lot more confident and at ease.

  *   On dog walks with mum’s friends and my new four legged friends.  We have met loads of people and other dogs where I have had lots of strokes and comments of how well I sit in my rucksack and what a great idea it is.  I really wanted to get out and meet the other dogs but mum says I need to wait another couple of weeks till I have had my second vaccination and built up immunity.  I've also had horses and mountain bikers whiz past me that was fun.

Informative image: Diva cuddling Mayne Vets

  *   Visited lots of mum’s friend with small they are really good fun and much more on my wavelength.  Also I was kidnapped round one of my mums friends that had teenagers..... They gave really nice cuddles.

  *   Sitting at cafes people watching.  Mum seems to like meeting up with friends and having cups of hot chocolate.  A lot of chatting happens and mum keeps telling me this is teaching me to settle so I just lay there nicely and every so often a treat comes my way.

  *   Oh and another great place was the pub while I'm sitting on my Dads lap and he's drinking what they call a pint loads more people have come over and stroked me and chatted....I only wish I knew what they were saying but I enjoyed the attention anyway.

Mum would love to know of any more cool places that we could visit while tucked up in my rucksack.......?

After all these adventures I have slept a lot! But looking forward to what next week will bring mum has mentioned me having a bath.....I'm hoping that’s something nice.

Informative image: Diva in bed Mayne Vets

I should also mention that I think my name is Diva as mum keeps calling that and mum is telling everyone that I am living up to my name!!