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Diva's Pub Training!

Mum's been concentrating on training 'settle' the last couple of weeks and dad's happy as this means visiting a number of pubs!!!!

We have be taught at puppy training class that training your puppy to settle is a very good idea.Settle means lay down and rest, which is handy when you are out and about e.g having a pub lunch or hot chocolate in a cafe - hence why this is important for my mum!!!Mum started this at home when we had been for a walk or was tired after playing.She placed a comfy bed or fleece on the floor, near where I was sitting and then using a treat lured me into a down.Once I was laying down she kept dropping treats when I was laying settled.If I got up or sat, the treats stopped so I soon learnt it was best to lay down and then the treats started coming again!

A nice YouTube video on how to train this is by Emily Larlham - she trains by using positive reinforcement, mum has included the link here:

How to train your dog to lay at your feet.

After we had mastered this at home we then moved on to the pub gardens. Mum and dad really enjoyed this training as a pint was included!!We are lucking in Feering / Kelvedon we have four pubs that allow dogs in the bar they are:

The Bell

The Sun Inn

The Angel

And my favourite The Railway Tavern.

I like the latter one as you can sit outside next to the river and watch the ducks swim about and the staff look after me with bowls of water.

Informative image: Diva in pub