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15 mins of fame.....

At our normal training class mum was asked if we would like to go up to London to help with a puppy training demonstration at the National Pet Show at the Excel...... so the adventure started!

Mum decided to drive up by car so after setting up the satnav and the ipad for directions(as she never just trusts one bit of technology) and I  had been to the toilet we set off.  The journey took 2 hours so if I was not use to traveling in the car I certainly am now!!  Parking was easy as there is loads of parking spaces under the Excel centre so really it could not have been easier.

We arrived in good time so we had a walk around the outside as mum had been warned there was nowhere inside for dog to go to the toilet.  Actually it was a really nice day and the area around the excel was pleasant so mum got a Hot chocolate and we both sat outside the café in the sun looking across the Thames for a while.

Informative image: Diva at Excel

Finally the time came to venture in.....the room was huge and packed with loads of people but we found our way to the demo are.  We met up with some other puppies who were also helping but I must say most were a lot older and had unlike me who had only been to a couple of classes had completed the whole course, no pressure!!!!!

So along with the other owners and puppies we filed into the arena area where we were asked to demonstrate a whole list of things including heel work and recalls, lucky mum had the tip bits at hand!!!  We must have been in the ring for three quarters of an hour but I do know we both came out feeling shattered.  It was great and I did not get scared by all the noise or bright lights, but I could tell mum was very nervous.  Afterwards we walked round the exhibition but it took us ages as loads of people stopped to admire me, it was fantastic to meet so many different people.  Most of the food stands gave mum some free samples of food so can't wait to sample some of them.

Informative image: Pet Show Excel

After the journey back home I was very tired so slept well that night dreaming of all I had seen that day, it was a great experience.....can't wait till the next adventure!